This is the story of the mystery behind the origin of DARLINGTON GIN.

This story is all about the Gin and not about the mere mortals who were instrumental in making it happen.

The little town of Darling is known for its creativity and ingenuity which is not only because of all the clever people moving there to escape the rat race, but also because the more contemplative and open-minded Darling lifestyle allows the spirits to roam free. Some city folk may think that the Darling lifestyle is not so much contemplative and open-minded, and to those we extend on open invitation to come and spent a day or two here and let the spirit (s) move you!

Now here it is. One evening over a few drinks the Spirit of Darling revealed herself (yes, they are not all male, you chauvinists) to three of us locals and filled us with an overwhelming longing and passion to produce a gin. After much rumination and with guidance from the spirit, the “specifications” became clearer and clearer. It had to be a world-class but redefined London Dry Gin with a unique juniper concentration to allow for many different infusions and blends without losing the essential and characteristic taste and aroma. The other seed that was planted by the Spirit of Darling was that the Gin must incorporate and honour the rare fabled Kukumakranka plant with its unusual foliage, flowers and fruits found around Darling.

We explored different floral options but the spirit always brought us back to the Kukumakranka with its mythical and mystical properties – just like the Spirit of Darling. Darlington Gin’s association with the Kukumakranka is as much an honouring of the plant as it is a contribution to the distinction of the Gin.

We invite all sophisticated and adventurous people out there to become part of our magical mystery tour by trying Darlington Gin; exploring different mixes and infusions; joining our Darlington Group and sharing your Gin recipes and stories with us and other Gin lovers.

Life is short. Make sure you give it your best shot. Enjoy your Gin with family and friends but also make time to sip one whilst quietly sitting on your own reflecting on life, what it means to you and how you can be the best you that you can possibly be. Remember, it is never too late to become who you really are. Carpe diem!