Snippets of sips and snips along the journey

Many emotions and what sometimes felt like hallucinations were experienced on the Darlington Magical Mystery Tour.

INSPIRATION in creating a gin looked like serious fun.

REALISATION was the fact that the market was like Muizenberg beach on a New Year’s Day. Is there ANY bit of open sand left for us to perch on?

EXASPERATION was finding that it is the smallest things on our journey that presented the biggest challenges.

GRATIFICATION was encountering some incredibly helpful people on our road, some of whom not only filled the pot-holes, but added tarmac, road markings and street lights.

EXHILARATION on hearing that a rather respected “gin person” from the UK, and without us being present, was quoted as saying, “an excellent gin indeed”.

ADMIRATION – a sense of mutual admiration in that in spite of our having different skills to contribute, and no shortage of independent thought, we always ended up taking the stand that was best for the brand.

"While you can bang on about the greatness of wine till the cows come home, the best spokesman, will always remain the wine itself."
- One of the many things Charles Withington taught me during the years that I worked with him

So with our “taste and tributes” we have liberally used what our customers have told us and how the press have seen us …

In 2020 we were selected by THE GIN BOX.  Considering the wide range of gins on the market, and the fact that only 6 brands are chosen every year, to have the doyenne of gin in South Africa, Jean Buckham, crack the nod of approval, is no mean feat. Just as rewarding was the most professional tasting note that they provided as below:

2020 also saw us being Awarded a DOUBLE GOLD in the SA Craft Gin Awards.

A brilliant Gin called Darlington – which actually tastes like a fine London Dry Gin. A London Dry Gin does not have to be made in London, it means that there is no added artificial flavouring as the flavours are all natural from the botanicals. In this case Juniper and some Darling florals, Elegant packaging.

Michael Olivier – Food and Wine Writer

Darlington Gin is a top quality quintessential gin with a uniquely balanced juniper blend for a very distinct aroma and taste. The subtlest hint of Darling floral flavours make it a true “Spirit of Darling”. This is a REAL gin, not infused to death with all sorts of bossies and ‘erbs.

Willem Wentzel – respected international wine buyer